Supporting at home installations with research-driven design

Clarity is key to supporting customers as they install products and services on their own. A clear user guide can help an organisation deliver an excellent customer experience and reduce the need for engineer call outs or customer service calls.


In today's unusual global climate, enabling customers to install and troubleshoot issues themselves can be key in addressing concerns. Customers may be forced to install equipment and devices at home without the help of an installation expert or engineer.

From printed guides to videos, our research-driven design solutions are proven to help businesses support their customers throughout the quick start installation process. In addition, our work has helped our clients to reduce costs associated with customer service calls and engineer visits, and improve their customer experience metrics such as NPS scores.

Whether you are bringing a new product to market or need help refining an existing offering, we can help you achieve clarity and improve your customer experience.

Proven case studies

We have over 20 years experience helping global organisations achieve clarity with data-driven design.


From observing customers to interviewing internal stakeholders, research is at the heart of a clear self-install process.

Variety of media

User guides don't have to be printed – our team of design experts have produced guides in app, website and video format.

How to create a quick
start guide - PDF

In this free how to guide we've detailed the process we use to create quick start guides –including some top tips to help you create your own.

Our resources

Virgin Media quick start guides

Delivering clarity and reducing confusion during the self install journey.

Orange user guides

Improving efficiencies to support the customer experience.

Top 10 tips for quick start guides

Create clear quick start guides – from research and design to production.


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